Rainflower is a pale gray she-cat with blue eyes.


  • After Crookedkit recieves his apprentice name six moons late, Rainflower reluctantly cheers, but says that Oakheart will always be better than Crookedpaw.
  • After Crookedpaw becomes a warrior, Crookedjaw, he thinks he sees a glimmer of respect in Rainflower's eyes.

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  • Rainflower gives birth to Shellheart's kits, Stormkit and Oakkit. She names Stormkit after the storm she gave birth to him in, and Oakkit after the oak she took shelter in.
  • While Stormkit and Oakkit are playing by the river, they see the ThunderClan medicine cat, Goosefeather, gathering herbs and accidently cross into ThunderClan territory. While trying to run away when Goosefeather gets angry at them, Stormkit hits his jaw on a rock, twisting it and giving him a permanent injury.
  • Rainflower has no sympathy, and demands he be renamed Crookedkit, saying that if he hadn't been so careless he would still be her handsome little son. She harshly casts him aside.
  • Her mate, Shellheart, is furious, and chooses not to be her mate anymore.
  • Soon after his renaming, she leaves the nursery and returns to her warrior duties, leaving poor Crookedkit on his own while Oakkit is apprenticed to Shellheart, on Rainflower's request.




  • When a dog attacks the patrol, Crookedjaw leads it to the river, where Rainflower is drinking.
  • It tries to attack the warrior, though Oakheart and Beetlenose manage to distract it.
  • Crookedjaw decides not to save her, thinking she can handle.
  • Soon after, Crookedjaw concludes the dog smashed her into a rock, and she was killed by the head injury.


  • Lilystem was originally said to be Crookedkit and Oakkit's mother. This was changed to Rainflower to prevent an inconsistency in a scene in the book.
  • Vicky has said that she hopes that Rainflower felt sorry for Crookedstar after she died, and makes up with him when he goes to join StarClan.

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