Mousefur is a small,[1] wiry, compact,[2] skinny,[3] dusky brown[4] tabby[5] she-cat[6] with thick fur,[7] a skinny tail,[8] and a graying head.[9]


  • Mousekit and her brother, Runningkit are born to Halftail and White-eye in the ThunderClan nursery.
  • Mousekit wants to watch Bluefur's kits being born but she falls asleep.
  • Being three moons older than Bluefur's kits, Mistykit, Mosskit, and Stonekit.
  • Half a moon later, Mousekit and Runningkit seem to enjoy flinging lumps of snow at Bluefur's kits and pretending to look innocent. Their mother, White-eye, scolds them for doing so. White-eye is also known as One-eye.


  • Little is known about Mousefur's apprentice life, though we know her brother Runningpaw's mentor was Bluestar.


  • After the battle against RiverClan for the Sunningrocks, Bluestar asks Spottedleaf if she will be okay.
  • Her wounds where deep but she was young and would heal quickly.

Other RanksEdit


  • Mousefur joined the elders' den in Starlight, after her apprentice Spiderleg had his warrior ceremony.
  • Mousefur was killed as an elder.


  • Killed in The Last Hope by an unknown Dark Forest tom.



  • She has mistakenly been described as light brown.
  • She has mistakenly been described as a small dusky brown tom in the allegiances in one edition of 'Rising Storm'.


  • Mousefur has never had interest in a mate.
  • Mousefur and Mistystar were kits at the same time and were shown playing together. However, Mousefur became an elder during The New Prophecy arc while Mistystar had still not retired. Mistystar never became an elder even though she was only three moons younger than Mousefur.

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