Main Character: Mallowkit Clan: RiverClan Age: 2 moons Littermates: none Parents: Dapplespots and Turtleclaw

Mallowkit's thick, furry, tail swished in the air as he drew ever closer, stalking the squirrel. "Mallowkit!" Dapplespots called. The squirrel jumped in fright and sped off. "Fish dung," Mallowkit grumbled. "Stay close," Dapplespots meowed. "I'll bring you some lunch." She headed off toward the fresh-kill pile. Mallowkit pricked his ears. There was a soft rustling nearby. Mallowkit dropped into the hunter's crouch and leaped.

The mouse wriggled between his paws as he killed it with a swift bite to the neck.

By: Cloudswoop of FoxClan