Lionblaze is a tabby[1] tom[2] with amber eyes,[3] a nicked ear,[4] and pale[5] paws. He has the ability to fight without getting hurt.



  • Lionpaw's mentor is Ashfur.
  • Meets a WindClan apprentice, Heatherpaw, at the gathering and agrees to meet her on the border between ThunderClan and WindClan before the next gathering.
  • Saved three WindClan kits, preventing a battle between ThunderClan and WindClan.
  • Traveled to the Tribe to help them fight invaders.
  • Trained with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost in the Dark Forest, trusting them because he believed they were his kin.


  • Becomes mentor to Dovepaw.
  • On-and-off romance with Cinderheart.
  • Saved Rainstorm from 'drowning' in mud.
  • Traveled up the river to see where the water went.
  • Helped get Briarlight out from the fallen beech.
  • Unintentionally killed Russetfur when battling ShadowClan.
  • Went into the tunnels with Jayfeather, discovering a clump of Hollyleaf's fur.
  • First cat to see his sister, Hollyleaf, after she was found by Dovewing and Ivypool.
  • Becomes Cinderheart's mate.


  • Assisted WindClan when dogs attacked.
  • Fought for ThunderClan when ShadowClan moved the border.
  • Assisted the Tribe to defeat the intruders (played a key part.)
  • Fought for ThunderClan and ShadowClan when WindClan and RiverClan attacked shortly before the eclipse.
  • Fought Tigerstar in the Dark Forest.
  • Fought against the beavers on quest to free water.
  • Fought for ThunderClan against ShadowClan.
  • Fought against a dog on ThunderClan territory, saving Bumblestripe and Briarlight.
  • Provoked fight with Ratscar but did not fight back.
  • Fought for all the Clans in the battle against the Dark Forest.



  • Said to have orange fur once.[11]


  • Part of The Three.
  • His power is to never get hurt in battle, unless he allows it.
  • Half WindClan.
  • Has SkyClan blood.
  • Has kittypet blood.
  • Descendant of Wind, the original leader of WindClan.
  • Reincarnation of Lion's Roar.

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