Graystripe is a long haired,[1] dark[2] gray tom[3] with a stripe of darker gray fur running down his back, a torn left ear,[4] a bushy tail, and yellow eyes.[5]


  • Meets a kittypet named Rusty on his first apprentice mission.
  • Becomes friends with the former kittypet now called Firepaw.


  • In Fire and Ice he goes with Fireheart to find WindClan.
  • He falls into the river and nearly drowns but his life is saved by a RiverClan cat named Silverstream.
  • Graystripe and Silverstream start to meet in secret, falling in love.
  • He tells Fireheart that Silverstream is having his kits.
  • Graystripe is seen mourning and crying over Silverstream after she dies bearing her kits.
  • In Dawn, he is captured by twolegs during the destruction of the Forest while freeing Brightheart from the cages

Other RanksEdit


  • Is taken to a twoleg den after he was captured.
  • Meets an aggresive kittypet named Duke, who he fights and loses. Graystripe begins to wonder if he had gotten too soft to fight.
  • Finds Millie and she later decides to come with him to find his Clan.


  • Fought in the battle against the Dark Forest.
  • Fought in the battle against BloodClan



  • In Into the Wild, Firestar mentions that Graystripe was a kitten but his name was Graypaw, so he wasn't a kitten then.
  • In Into the Wild, he was accidently called Grewpaw.
  • He has been mentioned with amber eyes.
  • He has been mistakenly with green eyes. 


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