Frostfur is a pure white she-cat with dark blue eyes and sleek, soft fur.


  • Frostkit and Brindlekit are born to Robinwing and Fuzzypelt.
  • When Tigerkit and Whitekit show Frostkit and Brindlekit the camp they wander near the medicine den.
  • They wake up Goosefeather who starts yowling at Tigerkit, calling him a monster.
  • The kits are frightened and Bluefur comes over to calm them down.
  • Frostkit asks Bluefur if they had done something wrong, and Bluefur says that Goosefeather had just been having nightmares, and they had only startled them.


  • Frostkit is apprenticed to Bluefur and becomes Frostpaw.


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  • Frostfur retires sometime between The Darkest Hour and Firestar's Quest.
  • In Midnight she tells Squirrelpaw a story of when Firestar was younger and always getting into trouble.
  • Frostfur develops a cough that worries her clanmates in Moonrise.
  • In Dawn when ThunderClan returns from helping ShadowClan she demands to know what happened.
  • She is shocked to find out that the ShadowClan camp has been destroyed.
  • Leafpaw tries to give Frostfur herbs but she refuses them.
  • Frostfur elects to stay behind when the Clans leave and stays with Speckletail and two RiverClan elders, Loudbelly and Shadepelt.
  • She believes she would be a hindrance to the traveling Clans if she stayed with them.
  • Leafpaw tells her good-bye before the Clans leave.
  • When Mudfur dies the cats staying behind sit vigil for him.


  • Vicky confirmed that the Speckletail, Loudbelly, Shadepelt, and Frostfur all died of starvation a few moons after the Clans left.


  • Frostfur goes to StarClan.
  • In The Last Hope when Jayfeather reunites StarClan Frostfur is seen batting at leaves with her paws.




  • Frostfur dies of starvation a few moons after the Clans leave the forest in Dawn.
  • She dies with Shadepelt and Loudbelly of RiverClan, and her clanmate Speckletail of ThunderClan.



  • Her mate will never be confirmed, as her family was created before Vicky had decided how all the cats were related.
  • She is around 88 moons, or 7.3 years.

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