Firestar is a battle-scarred ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt, clear, brilliant emerald eyes, a pale orange belly, long claws, a scar on his flank, a long tail, and large ears, one of which is torn.


  • His first apprentice task was to find WindClan and bring them back to the forest.
  • He meets a rogue cat named Yellowfang, who he fights at first, but later catches a rabbit for her.
  • When Bluestar finds out that he fed Yellowfang, she punishes him by forcing him tocare for Yellowfang.
  • Recieves the warrior name Fireheart with Graypaw-who becomes Graystripe .


  • Fireheart is given an apprentice, Cinderpaw.
  • Fireheart sees his sister in a training session with Cinderpaw and purposely steps on a twig to scare the kittypet away. He later realizes the kittypet was his sister, Princess.
  • Fireheart later begins visiting Princess and tells her about his life as a warrior.
  • When Brokenstar attacks the camp and he is the only fully trained warrior, he battles them and when he sees Clawface, the warrior that killed Spottedleaf he starts battling him furiously.
  • Later, Graystripe kills Clawface.

Other RanksEdit


  • Rusty was born in a Twoleg nest with his sister, Princess, and other unknown littermates.
  • He was later adopted by another Twoleg and moved homes.
  • He had a friend named Smudge, a plump black and white tom.
  • Rusty often has dreams of hunting a mouse.
  • He feels drawn to the forest.
  • He goes into the forest, even though Smudge wants him to stay.



  • Fought in the LionClan vs. BloodClan battle.
  • Fought in the battle against Dark Forest.
  • Fought in the battle against Tigerstar's half-trained pack of dogs.
  • Fought in the battle against the rats in SkyClan.
  • Fought in the battle against WindClan in Eclipse.
  • Fought in a couple battles for Sunningrocks.


  • Died in The Last Hope
  • Lightning set fire to a beech tree, smoke billows over him and he dies from the wounds in battle.
  • New leader became Bramblestar, new deputy became Squirrelflight.


  • He has been seen with amber eyes.[1]
  • He was accidentally called Firepaw after earning his warrior name. [2]
  • He has been accidently described as golden. [3]
  • He was accidentally called Firestorm. [4]
  • Tigerstar was once called Firestar.


  • Firestar's kittypet collar is blue.
  • He is 8 years old or 96 moons.

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