Echosong is a long furred silver-gray tabby she-cat with dark gray paws, green eyes, a white chest, and a fluffy tail.


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Other RanksEdit


  • Echosong is a kittypet named Echo.
  • She leaves her housefolk because of her dreams of strange cats.
  • Firestar recieves a dream from Cloudstar that a kittypet would dream of their warrior ancestors.
  • The kittypet would not have heard of the Clan, but would become the medicine cat.
  • She meets Firestar and Sparrowpaw in the Twolegplace.
  • A kittypet named Oscar calls her mad for joining SkyClan, but she joins anyways.
  • She becomes a warrior named Echosong and later becomes the medicine cat of modern SkyClan.

Medicine CatEdit

  • Echosong is shown in the SkyClan and the Stranger arc to have gained an apprentice, Frecklepaw.



  • Echosong is shown as spotted in the manga of SkyClan's destiny.


  • She has green eyes.
  • She didnt participate in the battle with rats.

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