Do you wanna catch a Minnow?

(Warrior cat version of ‘ Do you wanna build a snowman?’) Composed by: Cloudswoop of FoxClan

Duckpaw? Do you wanna catch a minnow? Come on, let’s go and play I never see you at all now, You’re always too busy Helping the medicine cat! We used to be best buddies, But we chose different paths, You can’t be friends with a medicine cat! You say that you’re not lonely, You have Leafpad, But I can see past that! Do you wanna catch a minnow? It doesn’t have to be a minnow. I’m busy, Jellypaw. Okay, bye. One moon later . . . Do you wanna catch a minnow? Or play a game of moss-ball? I think some friendliness is overdue, I’ve started talking to The reeds in my den wall! I wish you would be nicer, I really do, Its been moons since you were! Do you wanna catch a minnow? Five moons later . . . (one moon after Leafpad’s death) Duckwing? Please, I know you’re in there, Though I’m starting to wonder if you are. I’m really sorry about Leafpad, She was a wonderful cat! Now we only have each other, Everyone’s gone, From Leafpad to Kangaroo! Please, come out and see the world, I need your love, Since now we’re all alone.