Crowfeather is a small, lean, sleek, skinny, smoky-gray, almost black tom with blue eyes, a small, neat head and lean, long limbs.


  • Crowkit was born in the old forest nursery along with his brother, Eaglekit.
  • Crowkit once snuck out of camp and traveled to Fourtrees, where he tried unsuccesfully to climb the Great Rock.
  • He is found by Ravenpaw and Barley, who tell him how his parents where worried. Yet he thinks no one likes him.
  • They take Crowkit back to WindClan camp.


  • Is one of the chosen four cats to travel to the sun-drown-place.
  • When the journey starts, the other cats notice that he is stubborn and hot-headed.
  • Falls in love with Feathertail, the RiverClan cat on the journey.
  • Devastated when Feathertail is crushed by the rock because of killing Sharptooth.
  • When ready to become a Warrior, he asks Tallstar if he can choose his Warrior name. He requests Crowfeather, in honor of Feathertail.


  • Sees Leafpaw hanging onto a cliff about to fall and die. Two ShadowClan warriors had already slipped off the edge.
  • Crowfeather thinks how he failed to save Feathertail.
  • He helps Leafpaw up and they begin to love each other.
  • After awhile, he wants to run away from the clans so he can be with her.
  • She finally agrees, but turns back after realizing Cinderpelt is in grave danger.





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