is a thick-furred, white tom with blue eyes.


  • Cloudkit is the firstborn of Firestar's kittypet sister, Princess. He was brought to ThunderClan by Fireheart and raised by a ThunderClan queen, Brindleface.
  • His father is unknown.
  • He was not given a naming ceremony when he first entered the Clan.
  • He caught a vole (althought kits aren't supposed to hunt) while he snuck out to hunt during a snowstorm.
  • He was warned by Cinderpelt not to eat deathberries because they could kill a cat.


  • Cloudpaw's mentor was Fireheart
  • Cloudpaw was tempted by the kittypet life during his training, often eating kittypet food and being friendly with twolegs.
  • After he was taken away from the forest life by twolegs, he regretted his decisions, and went back to ThunderClan when Firestar rescued him.
  • He was proven to be a good fighter when he fought off a WindClan apprentice by himself and then helped Sandstorm drive off a seasoned warrior after being stuck in a twoleg nest without any practice.


  • Cloudtail was the first to become a warrior over all of his denmates, even though some were older and more experienced, because Bluestar only trusted Fireheart and Cloudtail was his apprentice.
  • When Brightpaw is fatally injured from the dog pack, Cloudtail stays with her in the medicine den, revealing that he is in love with her.
  • His personality is somewhat aggressive and hot-headed, often delighted at the prospect of battle, with Brightheart usually being the only one who can calm him.
  • He speaks up to change Lostface's name to Brightheart.

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  • Cloudtail was born in a twoleg nest.
  • He never had a known kittypet name.


  • He fought in the battle against the Dark Forest.


  • His mother is Princess.
  • His daughters are Whitewing and Amberkit.
  • His sons are Dewkit and Snowkit.
  • His mate is Brightheart.


  • Spiderpaw was mistakenly listed as Cloudtail's apprentice when his mentor is Mousefur.


  • White cats with blue eyes are easily prone to being deaf, but Cloudtail is not.

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