Cinderheart is a dappled,[1] broadheaded,[2] fluffy,[3]smoke[4] gray tabby she-cat[5] with round,[6] dark[7] blue eyes,[8] and a long[9] fluffy tail.[10]


  • Cinderkit was born from Sorreltail in the ThunderClan nursery.
  • Cinderpelt protected Sorreltail from a badger while she gave birth.
  • She was born right after Cinderpelt died saving her and her littermates.
  • She was born as a reincarnation of Cinderpelt so she could have a second chance to be a Warrior.
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Cinderheart fell from the great oak trying to save Mousepaw and injured her leg.


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Other RanksEdit


  • She gives birth to Hollypaw, Sorrelpaw, and Fernpaw, as shown in the manga of Bramblestar's Storm. 


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  • She has been described as a dark gray she-cat, identical to Cinderpelt, but this was later changed to her current description.[11]


  • She has WindClan blood because her great-great-grandfather, Windflight, was half WindClan and she has SkyClan blood because her grandmother, Willowpelt, was Spottedleaf's sister.
  • When Cinderheart goes to StarClan, she will either go as Cinderheart, or as two separate cats, Cinderheart and Cinderpelt.[12]
    • The latter is proved true in The Last Hope, when Cinderpelt's spirit separates from Cinderheart.[13]
  • Kate has stated that Cinderheart does have kits with Lionblaze after the events of The Last Hope.

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