Brightheart is a white she-cat with ginger patches along her back, a ginger tail,[1] one blue eye,[2], a missing eye, a shredded ear and thick,[3] soft fur.[4]Hollyleaf


  • In Into the Wild Brightkit is born to Frostfur along with her brothers and sister, Cinderkit, Brackenkit, and Thornkit, although their names aren't mentioned.
  • She and her brothers and sister go missing and everyone thinks Yellowfang had stolen them.
  • The real culprit is actually Clawface, who also killed Spottedleaf.
  • A group of ShadowClan cats along with a patrol of ThunderClan cats rescues the four kits from the SadowClan camp.
  • In Fire and Ice two of her siblings, Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw, are made apprentices.
  • It is unknown why Thornkit and Brightkit were not made apprentices and their siblings were.
  • In Forest of Secrets Brightkit becomes an apprentice, Brightpaw, along with her brother Thornpaw.
  • Brightkit is calm during her ceremony, but her wiskers are shown twitching with exciment when she recieves her mentor. 


  • Whitestorm becomes Brightpaw's mentor.
  • Sandstorm mentions that Brightpaw and Thornpaw went out hunting with their mentors.
  • When Fireheart is temporarily demoted to an apprentice she and Thornpaw stare at Firestar when he enters the apprentice den as if they don't believe what the are seeing. 
  • She is seen wrestling with Thornpaw after the Clan recovers from the shock of Graystripe's kits.
  • In Rising Storm Fireheart thinks she is hunting well.
  • He asks her if she took her catch to the elders and she assures him she did, hoping it was the right thing.
  • When Bluestar asks Fireheart where Whitestorm is Fireheart tells her he is out training Brightpaw. 
  • Since Bluestar made Cloudtail a warrior which, in the eyes of Brightpaw and Swiftpaw, was unfair to the other apprentices Swiftpaw made a plan to become warriors by finding out what was living at Snakerocks, which only Brightpaw would join.
  • It turned out that a vicious pack of dogs where living there.
  • First, there was only one visible dog, then the rest came out.
  • Brightpaw saw Swiftpaw fighting like LionClan. Then, he climbed a tree but she saw a dog grab him and pull him to the ground. He was killed by the dogs.
  • Brightpaw was then slammed against a rock and everything went dark.
  • She awoke three moon-rises later in Cinderpelt's den.
  • Cinderpelt had heard her calling pack, pack, kill, kill in her dreams.
  • Brightpaw couldn't see anything on one side. She had lost an eye and an ear.
  • Bluestar gave Brightpaw her warrior name, Lostface, on Cloudtail's request for her to have her name.
  • Bluestar used her name to show that StarClan no longer cared about ThunderClan.
  • She moved to the elder's den for a while.
  • After losing an eye she needed special training to become a warrior again, which Cloudtail was willing to give to her.


Other RanksEdit


  • Brightheart gives birth to Whitekit who later gains the warrior name, Whitewing.
  • She later gives birth to Amberkit, Snowkit, and Dewkit.



  • She was once accidentally mistaken for Briarlight.[5]
  • It was mentioned that she rolled her eyes, despite only having one.[6]
  • She was accidentally called white with tortoiseshell patches instead of white with ginger patches.[7]
  • She was shown as flecked cat, instead as patched.[8]
  • She was shown with amber eyes.[9]
  • She was shown as a solid color grayscale cat in Yellowfang's Secret.[10]


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