• ~xXSpottedgorseXx~


    October 22, 2014 by ~xXSpottedgorseXx~

    Hey! I Wouldn't say this is really a blog, but I am writing it to tell you a little about upcoming cat related stuff:

    • Bramblestar s Storm comes out August
    • Tales from the Clans come out November
    • Each of the novellas come out on Nov 4

    Anyway, your velcome! Message me if you have any qquestions! ~Spottedgorse

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  • Hamsterpaw


    October 6, 2014 by Hamsterpaw

    Hi I'm Hamsterpaw please be my friend :))

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  • Cloudswoop

    My avatar

    October 6, 2014 by Cloudswoop

    I'm sorry about my avatar, guys. I know it's not my art, but I'm not able to change it. I'll put a picture In a comment later, okay? I'm sorry.

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  • Cloudswoop

    New here!

    October 5, 2014 by Cloudswoop

    Hi, I'm Cloudswoop and I'm new here! I have four Fanfiction Clans, you can find them on my user page, and I am part of FoxClan. Please be my friend!

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  • SilverSky101

    So I noticed that there are a lot of typos in the Warriors series. I love the Warriors series, the books are great but I noticed lots of common mistakes. If you think about it, each book was published in a very short amount of time so there are lots of accidents in the text. So this made me think... are the Erins trying their hardest?? Most of the books have few mistakes but some of them have a billion (this is exaggeration, of course)!!

    Some examples:

    • Typos (example from Crookedstar's Promise: fresh-kill pile called fresh-kill pie)
    • Not all the kits start with blue eyes, yet all kittens are born with blue eyes
    • Several cats have been mistaken for some other cat
    • Other cats where described differently than they really are
    • Some cats where callled th…
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  • SilverSky101

    Here are a few things to remember when editing. And this editing anything- contributive articles, talk pages, etc. I'm not going to mention who need to do this (that would be mean) and I hope I don't sound bossy of rude. I'm not angry with these users, there are just a few things that people are forgetting.... The last one is just something you'll want to remember. Thanks!!

    1. I noticed that some of the information our articles had no bullet points (well, not anymore)!! Please remember these because it is very annoying to add them all the time!!
    2. When you are responding to a comment on your talk page, don't reply on your own!! Reply on the user who left that message.
    3. This one isn't much of a problem but..... Please add your signature after you lea…

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  • Shimmercloud


    July 11, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Kay guys, I finished inserting templates into all the character pages that have been categorized, which hopefully is all of them. Pleaase categorize the pages you make, because uncategorized pages are a huge pain.

    Also, I'd really appreciate it if from now on you created pages by copy pasting the code from the example page. It'd make everything a lot easier in terms of making all the pages look the same. I've put a charart placeholder in all the pages that don't have chararts yet, so you'll have to edit the template and replace the placeholder with a new charart. Remember that now.

    Hmm, that's about it. I won't be doing a ton of editting on trivia, right now I'm just trying to fix glitches and clean up all the pages. If there's anything you g…

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  • Shimmercloud

    Hey guys! Here's some of the new updates I've added onto the wiki.

    So the biggest thing is probably the Example Page. This will make the creation and formatting of pages a ton easier. All you have to do it go to the page, edit it in source mode and copy-paste the code onto your new page, making sure you paste it into the source mode edit on the new page as well. Then all you have to do is change the description and take out any unneeded categories for the character, for example if the character is alive you'd take out Death, and if the character didn't have any other ranks, you'd take out Other Ranks. Sound good? I'm thinking of putting the code on the page, but I'll figure that out later.

    The other thing is a bit more complicated. I've added a …

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  • Shimmercloud

    Page Suspension

    July 8, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Hey guys, sorry about this, but I was thinking of suspending the creation of pages until I can get the format and layout all sorted out, because I want making pages to be as easy and convenient as possible, and when I do figure that out, I don't want to go back and change a hundred pages to match it. You guys can keep editing the pages and making chararts (make and upload all the chararts you want, we'll just put them on the pages once they're made) but don't make anymore pages, because right now I find there's a whole ton of cleaning up to do if anything gets changed. Thanks for all your help!

    Happy Wiki-ing,


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  • SilverSky101

    Book Trivia?

    July 6, 2012 by SilverSky101

    Okay, I know I'll have to get this approved by Shimmercloud. But could we do pages on the books. The trivia from the books would be like mistakes and typos, (example:) like Rowanclaw being listed as a she-cat instead of a tom. Tell me if its a good idea!!

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  • Shimmercloud


    July 6, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Alright guys, call me crazy, but I've decided: Yep, we're doing cites.

    At the bottom of every page I've added a References and Citations section. DON'T EDIT IT NO MATTER WHAT. Okay? Okay. Under it is a template, and you can't see it, but it's there.

    We're not gonna cite every single thing, that's just dumb. But I want to cite errors and alternative chararts and stuff, and other questionable things. The obvious things we won't cite.

    To do a cite, after the fact, just put . If you don't know the exact cite, don't worry about it, just add it in when you do. I'd really like to do this, since I want to be more accurate than not. It's super simple coding, so there shouldn't be much of a problem. If you guys have any questions, just ask. :)

    Happy wik…

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  • Shimmercloud

    I'm really glad the the wiki is turning out well, but if it's only me and Silversky, there's not much point in it all. So, if you guys are part of other wikis, it'd be great it you could ask a few friends to come over here (quietly, because most wikis don't like advertising. At all.) I've been asking a few people from Warriors Wiki, but most of them stay for like, one edit. We need regular contributors, and since my fellow admins ditched me (QQ), we don't have quite enough people on here.

    I think we have an amazing wiki, and our linearts are better than most wikis, but if we don't have any contributors or users, the whole thing is a huge waste. I'd like to see some more action, and to get more contributors is the best thing we can do right …

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  • Shimmercloud

    Emoticons= Added!

    June 29, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Hey Wikians! I added five new emoticons for the chat! Credit goes to SilverSky for the suggestions! They're the five clan symbols, Thunder, Shadow, Wind, River, and Star. I don't think there's any confirmed SkyClan symbol yet, is there? If there is, I'll add that in too. The shortcuts for the emoticons are the clan name, properly punctuated (ex. ThunderClan, ShadowClan) in brackets. Go and try them out anytime!

    Happy wiki-ing!


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  • Rainsong101

    I am a big fan of Sorreltail, so I kind of keep track of everything about her. 4 months ago, (maybe 5) I realized so many members of Sorreltail's family die! Here is the list:

    Whitestorm- Father

    Willowtail- Mother

    Molepaw- Son

    Honeyfern- Daughter

    Rainwhisker- Brother

    Sootfur- Brother

    Why would the Erin Hunter's do this? Tell me what you think!

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  • SilverSky101

    In Bluestar's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise, have you noticed that Bluestar and Crookedstar have something in common? They have each suffered a lot and lost so much. Crookedstar's life has been much more diffucult, but Bluestar's was also very sad. Examples are.....

    In Bluestar's Prophecy:

    • Moonflower is killed and Bluestar was still an apprentice
    • Her father thought she was annoying
    • Her sister, Snowfur gets run over by a monster
    • She had to break Whitekit's heart about her sister's death
    • She has to give up her kits to save ThunderClan from Thistleclaw- imagine how hard that would be!!
    • One of her kits, Mosskit dies from the cold
    • Oakheart, her mate is crushed by rocks and is killed
    • As a leader, ther deputies Redtail and Lionheart are violently kille…
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  • SilverSky101

    Have you ever noticed that Firestar seems to be too perfect??? The Erins made him sound like he was the best cat ever. Some more examples are.....

    • They acted like he was nearly unbeatable in battle, he won about every war
    • He lived way too long and it took him forever to die
    • He saved all the clans like a million times!! BloodClan, Dark Forest, Tigerstar (just ThunderClan), and a few more
    • He was the fourth and he has been the "main hero" many times
    • Was made a Warrior within about 200 pages
    • Was the subject of TWO really major prophocies that would save all the clans (twice!!)

    So what do you think? Is Firestar the cat of perfection? Tell me your opinion!!

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  • SilverSky101

    After Firestar's death, Brambleclaw becomes Bramblestar and Squirrelflight becomes deputy in Bramblestar's place. But Squirrelflight's past is difficult and she may not be a worthy deputy. Why?

    • In Fading Echoes, she treated Jayfeather terribly
    • She lied to Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze-pretended that she was their mother although it was Leafpool
    • Also lied to Bramblestar about apparently having kits
    • She kept way too many secrets

    So should she be deputy? Tell me what you think!!

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  • Shimmercloud


    June 9, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    I want to add some fun emoticons to the chat! Any ideas? Could be anything, food, Pokemon, etc. Just comment on what emoticons you guys would like, and I'll try to add them :)

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  • Shimmercloud

    Project Members

    June 7, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Hey, guys it's me again. Little as we are, I need your opinions on something :3

    I'm not sure if this wiki is going to get any more habitated than it is now, but I was wondering if I should have project members, with different ranks, leader, deputy, warriors, etc. This would be accompanied with Join Requests and Nominations and stuff. Right now it's just as long as you're a registered user all you have to do is request an assignment. Well, right now, you don't even have to request, but you know what I mean.

    So, project members or no?

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  • Shimmercloud

    Hi guys! Shimmercloud here. Just wanted to list some things to remember when writing articles.

    -Link all names, even if they redlink. When the pages are created, the redlinks will go away.

    -Clan cats only. There will be no rogue or loner or whatever pages. I'm sorry, but there isn't enough to write about them. Don't link these pages, cause they will not exist. Ever. :D

    -Do not link clans to the category pages. I did that, and it didn't work out.

    -Remember to add category at the bottem, either Category:ThunderClan Cats, Category:RiverClan Cats, Category:WindClan Cats, or Category:ShadowClan Cats.

    -When you make a page, take it off the list of cats that need pages, found on the Project Trivia page.

    -Since this wiki is still rather uninhabited, feel…

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  • Bluestarforevah

    Blogs are awesome

    September 20, 2011 by Bluestarforevah

    Comment if you agree

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